Vegan food in Kuching Sarawak

My favourite place in Kuching to get Vegan meals is Indah Cafe. They have a multitude of vegan items, they aren’t expensive and it’s a really chill environment. The owner is Malaysia and studied in Australia for awhile then came to Kuching to open this cafe. He speaks fluent English and if you have any questions about sites to see or places to go or transport to get, he will help you no problem. Such a super friendly place. You’ll feel like home!
Located on China Street, Off Carpenter Street. If you look on Google Maps and zoom in to China Street, you’ll see Indah pop up.


Check out the Vegan Menu here!


HappyCow Healthy Eating Guide

If you’re vegan and travelling, i highly recommend looking at the Happy Cow website. It’s free to use online or you can download the app for roughly $5 on IOS or Android. The app is really quick and easy to use if you’re out and about travelling. 

Check out the website here –

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