Animal rights activism in Melbourne Australia

Are you visiting Melbourne and want to participate in some Animal Activism? Here are the current active groups and their Facebook links as of January 2019.
Follow their pages and keep an eye out for events popping up. There are activism events happening in Melbourne every single week and weekend! Some also have private FB groups so please send them a message to be added to see Vigils and private activist events.
Photo credit : Animal Liberation Photography

The Worldwide Save Movement  

(Slaughterhouse Vigils, City Vigils, Bourke Street Mall Rallies, Vegan Outreach, Leafleting, Marches, Protests, and other events and collaborations)

Australian Rabbit Save (Melbourne based)
Melbourne Cow Save. 
Melbourne Chicken Save. 
Melbourne Fish Save. 
Melbourne Pig Save. 
Melbourne Sheep Save. 
Melbourne Save Animals in Laboratories. 
Colac Animal Save

Photo Credit : Melbourne March to Close all Slaughterhouses

Other Active Activism Groups

AJP – Western Victoria Group. (Events around the local area of Geelong/Ballarat region)
Animal Activists Australia. (Video Projections, Flashmobs, Investigations, Chalking, Collaborations)
Animal Activists Collective. (Shows the public local footage of standard “humane” practices in the Animal Harming Industry using TV screens, Vegan Outreach and Chalking)
Animal Liberation Victoria. (Vegan Outreach, Protests/Actions, Help with Sanctuary, Open Rescues and many other volunteer opportunities)
Animal Liberation Youth. (21 and under. Building a support community of young animal activists)
Aussie Farms Volunteer (Attending Slaughterhouse Vigils, Investigations, updating “The Map”,  and many other opportunities)
Ballarat Animal Advocates Association (BAAA) (Events around local area)
Bear Witness Australia (A collective of animal rights photographers)
Coalition Against Duck Shooting (Rescues during duck shooting season and other protests and events)
Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (Protests against horse racing and their events)
Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Vegan Activists. (Events around the local area)
Freedom for Circus Animals (Protest against circuses using animals)
Good Shepherd (Vegan Leafleting)
Melbourne Against Horse-Drawn Carriages. (Protests/Actions against the carriages in Melbourne)
Sacred Scribble. (Chalking and stencils)
Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign. (Beach and waterway clean ups)
Stop the Dog And Cat Meat Trade Melbourne. (Protests and Marches)
Vegan Demolition Crew. (Shows the public the truth of the Animal harming industry with portable TV screens around the city and they do Outreach and chalking)
Vegan Outreach Victoria Australia. (Leafleting primarily at Universities)
Vegan Rising (a powerful animal rights direct action organisation)
Photo Credit : Melbourne Pig Save

Facebook Groups

Join these Facebook Groups to keep up to date with activism events and veganism in Melbourne. 
Melbourne Vegan Activists. 
Melbourne Animal Activists. 
Friendly Vegans in Melbourne. 
Vegans of Melbourne. 


End Speciesism Now Rally. Credit to

Yearly Marches and Events in Melbourne

World Day to End Fishing (around March) =

March to Close All Slaughterhouses (around April) =

Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade March (around June) =

End Speciesism March (around August) =

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