Abandoned Theme Park in Bali Indonesia

Have you ever wanted to go to an abandoned theme park? Exploring how nature has consumed the buildings and becoming your own Indiana Jones? You can do it right here in Bali, Indonesia with not much of a hassle.


This multi million dollar theme park is located at the northern end of the beachside village of Sanur. It was built around 20 years ago and it never opened. There are a few rumours floating around that there was money problems with the owners, and before it officially opened a lightning strike caused 5 million dollars worth of damage that they didn’t have the money to fix. So it was abandoned and nature has engulfed everything.

They also housed crocodiles at the park and when it became abandoned, some villagers fed chickens to them for awhile but rumour has it that a crocodile escaped and started eating humans. Will you come across one in your journey? Who knows!

Most Balinese won’t step a foot in here because they believe that abandoned buildings become haunted by spirits and this park is apparently one of the most haunted places in Bali.


Located in Northern Sanur, if you type in “Taman Festival” into Google Maps, that’s where it’s located.

The entrance is off Jl. Padang Galak.


When you arrive, walk up the steps and you’ll see on the right hand side are a group of “security” guards haha.

Have 10,000 IDR ready and just hand one of them the note with a smile and keep on walking in.

I then walked around starting from the left hand side and finishing at the abandoned theatre. 8:30am seemed like a good time to go as I only saw two other people during my hour there.


– Wear closed toe shoes (there is too much broken glass and rusted metal lying around)

– Do not take any children (because of the above reasons with the broken glass and it’s dangerous for little ones as the buildings are falling down and not stable)

– Wear a long sleeve top and pants as there are heaps of mozzies and you don’t want to accidentally catch Dengue Fever.


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  1. I had never heard of this before. So cool, and a little creepy! Not sure I’m brave enough to actually explore it lol

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