4 day itinerary in Kuching Sarawak

This is an easy to follow 4 days in Kuching itinerary based on my own trip in September 2018.
Kuching is the capital city of the state of Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo. The name “Kuching” is Malay for “cat” and this is why it’s called “cat city” so expect lots of cat statues around too!
Sunset on the Kuching River
If you’re an outdoor nature lover, this is such a beautiful nature paradise full of adventure and exploration.
I arrived into Kuching international airport at 8:10pm on a Sunday night. NO currency exchange places are open at that time, so please bring Malaysian Ringgit with you or withdraw from the ATM’s there. 
Download the GRAB app before you arrive then book a car and it will take you to your accommodation in Kuching for roughly $12 MYR (about $4 AUD).
Kuching City Mosque

Day 1. Explore the city. 

Wake up and find a nice restaurant for breakfast (if you’re vegan, I highly recommend Indah Cafe near Carpenter Street)
  • start walking around the city.
  • visit the pink mosque (Kuching City Mosque)
  • find the Orangutan Murals near India Street.
  • visit the Islamic Heritage Museum
  • visit the Chinese History Museum
  • Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple
  • walk over the Kuching river on the golden anniversary bridge and have a wander around the outside of the Astana.
  • take photos of one of the famous cat statues near the grand Margherita hotel.
  • sunset near the waterfront
  • night time waterfront market.
  • river cruise. 
Orangutan Murals
Cat Statues in the city

Day 2. Orangutans and Damai Beach.

  • wake up early and see Orangutans the ethical way at Semenggoh Nature Reserve.
  • have lunch back in Kuching then take the afternoon to explore the Damai Beach area. 
Abandoned Bus in the forest near Damai Beach


Orangutans in Semenggoh Nature Reserve


Day 3. Trip to Bako National Park Overnight. 

Proboscis Monkey
Boat ride to Bako

Day 4. Leave Bako and arrive back in Kuching.

  • have lunch at Fig Tree Cafe as they have vegan options.
  • do your last minute souvenir shopping around Chinatown, then order a Grab to the airport for your afternoon/night time flight out of there. 


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  1. I’ve never been there, but your pictures are looking so stunning! I might end up there because of your blog-post. I’m dying to see the proboscis monkeys for a while now. Are they in real life weirder then on the pictures?

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