Seeing orangutans the ethical way in Sarawak Borneo

If you’re staying in Kuching, it’s really easy to see Orangutans the Ethical way that aren’t kept in cages.
Semenggoh is a semi-wild Nature Reserve. Most of these Orangutans were rescued from people keeping them as pets, or they were injured or abandoned. There are NO CAGES. And these Orangutans are free to roam in the acres of forest. 

There are “feeding stations” and in the high fruit season, they don’t actually come down because there’s enough food in the forest. There is absolutely no touching allowed and you have to stand a certain distance from them. The park guides will be there to assist you. 

How to get to Semenggoh Nature Reserve?

The K6 bus
Board the K6 Bus near the Pink Mosque. If you type “Maju Square Cafe” in Google Maps, it departs exactly next to there. The departure times can be a bit random. I rocked up at 7:45am and the bus left at 8:20am when he had enough people on board. So make sure you are there by 8am.
The cost of the bus ride from Kuching was 4RM one way (September 2018). The driver will come to your seat and you pay in correct change. It’s a 40 minute long bus ride. This is a public bus and others will be getting on and off at certain stops. 
The bus will drop you at the entrance/ticket booth of Semenggoh. Then it’s a 15 minute walk into the forest from there. 
The sealed path from the entrance to the orangutans
Ticket in front of the entrance



Adult – 10RM
Children aged 6-7 years – 5RM. 
Children under 6 years – FREE


The reserve is only open twice a day. 
Morning Session: 9am to 10am. 
Afternoon Session: 3pm to 4pm. 
You can enter the park an hour before those times too. 
I visited in the morning and recommend that. Because if you don’t see any Orangutans during the morning, they will say you can come back in the afternoon and hopefully see them then. 
If you plan to visit in the morning, you’ll have time to explore Kuching in the afternoon. I went to Damai Beach in the arvo 🙂
Official Semenggoh Website. 


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