Plastic in Paradise (and what you can do to help)

In 2018, I was on a secluded beach in Borneo when I witnessed the horrifying plastic situation that was strewn over the beach. 
If you stay in a city for most of your life, or inland in the dessert or bush, it’s highly unlikely that you will see this and you won’t realise what an EMERGENCY this is now. 
Plastic cup on a beach in Borneo
Humans are destroying this planet. We are treading so hard on Mother Earth that she can’t handle it and is getting hurt 🙁 
We are choking the oceans with our plastic pollution

2.7 trillion animals are dragged out of the ocean every year by fishing and 50 million sharks are killed needlessly and thrown back in dead. 
The oceans will be dead by 2048 and if the oceans die, we die
We must live as lightly as we can. If we all work together and change our habits, we can turn this around! 

Get Active and HELP!

Find your local Trash Hero chapter here or find one close to the area you are travelling/visiting. 
Sea Shepherd Australia Marine Debris Campaign and Beach Clean Ups 
Find a Surfrider Chapter around North America 
Beach Patrol. Victoria, Australia. 
Microplastics on the beach


Get started living plastic free!

All the tips and tricks you need from Plastic Pollution Coaltion.

For people living in Australia, you can get eco and plastic free products online from…..
Plastic Water Bottle on the beach

Documentaries to Watch

A Plastic Ocean (Netflix)
Plastic Paradise (official website )
Bag it (official website )
Plastic China (official website )
Vice – Garbage Island: An Ocean full of plastic YouTube here )
Drowning in Plastic (BBC )


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