Ghost Palace – The Abandoned Hotel in Bali

The Ghost Palace is a once in a lifetime experience that you will remember forever. It’s eerie, unique, scary and only for the adventurous soul. Are you ready?


The history of this Abandoned Hotel is quite difficult to verify. No one seems to really know the full story but the most likely scenario is that in the early 1990’s it started being built by Tommy Suharto, the youngest son of former Indonesian President Suharto.

Tommy was then convicted of ordering an assassination of a judge who had previously found him guilty of corruption and subsequently he went to prison.

But another story floating around, that I think fits perfectly with how this place feels, is that it’s full of the land locked souls of labourers who were worked to death in the construction of the hotel.

When you walk through the building, you will definitely sense some odd feelings in different rooms. If you’re very spiritual inclined or have psychic abilities, I’d love to hear what you think after you’ve been.


If you type in “Bedugul Taman Hotel” into Google Maps, that’s exactly where it’s located. It’s about an hours drive from Ubud.


There is currently a bamboo gate across the front entrance with a “security” guard placed in a small building.

All you need to do is give him 10,000 IDR and he’ll allow you in! There are rumours that it will soon be closing because it’s all falling down and getting dangerous to visit.

(I’ve also just heard that some people haven’t been let in for some reason but I had no problem)

I went there in May 2019 and it was so spooky and exciting and there’s barely anyone there.

You walk around the empty hotel rooms that were never finished, the bathrooms that are covered in spiderwebs and dust, the old reception desk that was never used. It’s a really creepy place but an awesome experience! One of my favourite places during my Bali trip.

Check out the photos from the day and have a fun time exploring!


3 thoughts on “Ghost Palace – The Abandoned Hotel in Bali

  1. Creepy indeed. I have not heard of this during my Bali trip. Maybe I was just always sprawled on the beach. Great that you’ve been allowed to enter.

  2. Wow! super creepy! I love walking around abandoned places – something fascinating and incredibly authentic about them. Glad you had no problems getting in.

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